I recently went on a few dates with a guy that I meant on a dating app.

  • At first he seemed really nice and like someone I could see myself getting more serious with.

After we went on our fifth date, he asked if he could make dinner for me at his apartment. I felt comfortable with this so I said yes. It was a super hot and humid night, so I got ready in my air conditioned apartment and hoped that my hair would not get ruined on the car ride over. I blasted my air conditioning in the car, and got to his apartment. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was it was very hot and humid in his apartment. I wondered if maybe his air conditioning was not working, or maybe it was hot in the apartment because he was using the oven to cook. I started sweating and I did not want to be a complainer but I asked him if he could please turn the thermostat down a bit. He told me that his air conditioning has not been working for weeks. This seems like something you would tell your date before inviting them over for dinner. I asked him if he has called an HVAC company and he said no that the heat really does not bother him. Well it was bothering me. I asked if he had tried all the tricks on his own like checking to see if the air conditioner filter needed to be changed. He looked completely confused when I said that. This man has never changed his air conditioner filter. He has had the apartment for over five years and has not once changed out his air conditioner filters! I was disgusted, hot, and shocked.



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By Steve