I’m not exactly the DIY type of guy, however and I can’t blame it on all the time I spend being a father & a spouse.

That is because I’m neither.

I do spend a truly inordinate amount of time with the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of my offices though. And that task pays me enough so I’m not the guy who should be put on deck himself to save money, yet, this doesn’t mean that I’m completely clueless when it comes to taking care of my own house, then even though it’s just me & a couple of cats, I still look after the venue. I do all the stuff like changing the air filter on the Heating & Air Conditioning components to tending to my herb garden. I do get some help inside the central a/c of my home dwelling though. There is a nice man who does the housekeeping & some cooling three or four afternoons a week. But the rest of it is on me & I do my best to keep things up around my place. To that end, this is the first year that I did anything more than getting an a/c tune up when it comes to saving money on cooling costs. I always get seasonal Heating & Air Conditioning service because I belong to a Heating & Air Conditioning annual service plan offered by the local Heating & Air Conditioning business. But I decided to spend the afternoon doing something that will really help keep the a/c costs down this Summer. I fully updated all of the weather stripping in my dwelling over the weekend, but now, every entrance to my home dwelling makes a honestly slender seal when it’s closed. I could once see sunlight around the doors & now, it’s an airtight seal.

Energy saving tips

By Steve