I’m not going to go on and on about the EV stock I have but it is really starting to wake up finally.

This thing has been a sinking ship for the past three years and it has been depressing each time I check and see it dwindling.

But the past six or so weeks have been a different story and it looks like this ship may just float once again. If it keeps going at this same rate I will be back to even in six or eight months and can breathe a sigh of relief for my HVAC rep dad’s money he gave me. As you know, I feel really guilty for tossing dad’s $100K heating and cooling business cash away, and now it is my life mission to get it back. I am working hard for the heating supplier each day and have been stashing my HVAC work’s pay into this company in hopes that it will bring me my lost inheritance. I won’t spend it on frivolous or lavish things, but use it to help the world in the way that I know how. I will buy an air conditioned RV with some of the money and travel around the country making music for people in climate controlled bars and motivate them to be a better person. Our songs are part inspirational and part funny, and I intend to spread the word to as many people as possible till I can’t sing anymore. In the winter a fireplace will keep us warm as we play for local businesses up north.


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By Steve