My Aunt Gladys is one of those women who looks timeless, however i only see her once or twice a year, during the holidays or during a family celebration, although she never ages a afternoon… Gladys looks just as good now as she did 20 years ago; Even at 69 years outdated she has a vibrant, youthful glow, like someone half her age, but the last time I saw her she looked a little too good.

The skin on her face was so tight she looked younger than I did! It turns out that on that recognizable afternoon Gladys had her botox injections done right before the party, and normally she gets her botox injections done a afternoon or two earlier, so it has time to settle in.

This time they were too fresh, as well as she looked sort of alarming. This is the dark side of anti-wrinkle injections, especially on a person that has been doing them for decades. Listen, I suppose that botox injections are wonderful for some people, as well as completely safe to use, however but there is “too much of a good thing” as well as Gladys getting botox injections for almost twenty years is proof of that sentiment, however currently there are more unusual brands of regenerative injectables than ever before. In other words, there is a world of option beyond botox injections, so talk to your doctor or your skin care expert about how to keep yourself looking young. I have taken an interest in platelet rich plasma injections, because unlike botox it helps to boost the natural power of the body itself.


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By Steve