Are you correct with the concept of an “inelastic market”? I won’t get too in depth with this, I promise, but here is the gist of it – there are some services that are regularly in demand, no matter what, if the economy is in shambles, or if prices skyrocket, the demand for this service doesn’t change. As a bad example, look at drugs, however no matter what the price is, drugs are regularly in demand, right? Here is a better example – roofing… People need roofs for their homes and businesses, and that will never change, but this means that a task in the roofing industry is also inelastic, and a skilled roofer will regularly be in demand no matter what; How often you will need a roof substitutement depends actually on your home, its design and age, and the kind of roof it is, then eventually, every house will need a roof substitutement, but for some locations that might be after 15 years, and for other homes a roof may last for well over 20 years! To get the most out of your roof, and delay the inevitable roof substitutement, have your house checked and maintained regularly; Unlike the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system, your roofing doesn’t need to be checked every few months… But if it has been a few years since your last inspection, reach out to a local roofing supplier and have someone check it out for you. To get back to my original point, this is why roofing is an “inelastic” market, because no matter what the economy is like, people simply can’t live in their homes separate from a great roof on it.



By Steve