There are plenty of times where I catch myself when it comes to technology.

For sure, it’s everywhere in my life and electronic technology is ubiquitous.

There’s just no denying that. Yet, I find that I take so much of it for granted. And I’m of an age when our telephones hung on the wall and had a long cord on it. When it comes to heating and cooling, there have been plenty of technological advances. But maybe not quite as much as the PC perhaps. Still, the HVAC technology of today is far better than it was when PCs came with cords. First, the HVAC technology has advanced miles in efficiency and ecological impact. The SEER rating on the new heating and cooling component is triple what was in the home I grew up in. While electricity costs were much cheaper back then, the SEER efficiency of today’s HVAC component makes it far more acceptable to operate. There is more HVAC technology that helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling while also providing convenience and ease of use. That’s what my superb friend and I got when my superb friend and I updated the residential HVAC in our condo last year. My superb friend and I chose to go with a smart temperature control to get the most out of that incredible SEER rating. I’ve been amazed by the smart temperature control. It’s like I don’t have to do anything. When the HVAC worker installed it, my superb friend and I provided it some parameters but that’s it. Since then, the smart temperature control has simply learned and adapted to our patterns. Then, it adjusts the heating and cooling output to those patterns. I can’t know the cash my superb friend and I saved on HVAC cooling alone this summer.
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By Steve