I’m not sure exactly if I just wasn’t thinking or I was reacting to being in a genuinely weird set of circumstances.

But I ended up relying on a sort of handyman to do an HVAC repair.

This is completely out of character for me. For one, I’ve always been super careful about taking superb care of the heating and cooling equipment. It got heating repair each fall which was followed by an air conditioner tune up each Springtime. And I was genuinely consistent about all of it as well. But the Springtime of 2020 brought a whole new situation that genuinely through me off. First, I was sent condo from the commercial HVAC of the office to work remotely from my own air conditioner. The youngsters were learning remotely and my spouse and I were sharing the condo office space. Just weeks into this abrupt and scary change, the air conditioner went out. Of course, with all that was happening, I hadn’t gotten the air conditioner tune up done. The HVAC company was dealing with a new normal and told me it might be a week before they could get out to repair the air conditioner. That wasn’t their fault as they were trying to figure out the pandemic just like my superb friend and I were. And that’s when I took a buddy of mine up on her suggestion from years past. This buddy has a woman who does all her HVAC repair and repair. So I called him. She got the air conditioner laboring again only to have it go out a few weeks later. But of course, she didn’t guarantee her work like the HVAC professionals.



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By Steve