It is 10 in the morning and I am going to push ahead and work one more hour to try and knock out most of these articles for the day, so when I come home after that bike ride I can have an easy afternoon.

I have to do something about the brakes on this bike of mine because they are really rusted out from the salt air of the sea and need to be replaced.

I found them online for $20 for both front and back calipers, which is a great price and will be tough to beat. Local businesses here have a lot of items and maybe I can find them here, as the local contractor friend of mine told me. If they aren’t a lot more money at the local shop then I will buy them here to support my neighbors. The HVAC business near me has a ton of a/c and heating supplies that are about the same price as you can find them online. I bet that soon they will find a way to match the online prices in all of these stores so that we don’t have to buy online anymore. If I could buy a heat pump or a smart thermostat here for the same price as the online HVAC store then it would be really convenient for me. I will go to the bike shop in 45 minutes with some cash and hopefully leave with two new brake calipers so I don’t mow down some kid. Go clean that washable filter of yours.

Heating and cooling service

By Steve