I’ve been a member of the same fitness center for approximately ten years, and i joined when the facility first opened.

Over the years, the membership fee has increased a bit, however the amenities have also improved, however the establishment keeps up with the latest models of exercise equipment. There are multiple styles of treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, stair climbers and rowing machines. There is every type of weight training machine to target certain muscles, along with free weights, incline benches, resistance bands, medicine balls and battle ropes. The locker rooms are constantly kept clean and stocked with towels; My only complaint is that every December, there is an influx of modern members. The gym offers discounts on memberships at Christmas and the end of the year trying to bring in modern people. I realize that modern members are pressing for the continued success of the fitness center, then however, it brings in lots of people who aren’t drastic about their training. They don’t dress respectfully for laboring out and don’t know how to use the equipment. It means that I often need to wait for a certain machine to be free for me to use! Sometimes, these modern members fail to clean down the device when they are finished with it. They sign up for the group classes, filling the available spots and then often fail to show up. They linger in the showers, leave things in the lockers and drop their dirty towels on the floor… By the end of December, the majority of them have quit and the gym goes back to normal.

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By Steve