But to implement this, I had to consult an HVAC professional.

I did not know I was allergic to pets, or my own, to be exact. How that came to be, I don’t know. I have been around pets plus cats all my life, although I have never actually owned one. When I finally moved into a condo with enough space to accommodate pets, I got a tiny fluffy pet. The trigger was not immediate until I started sleeping with the pet on my bed. I would wake up with blocked sinuses plus itchy, puffy esure. To counter this, I got dust sensitivity pills to manage the sneezes plus fits, however it wasn’t enough. However, when I shared the story with my family, they commanded me to get an air purification system. Did this require me to have a smart HVAC in the house? Yes, it would be a bonus. With it, I can entirely monitor the air quality in my family room plus the status of the air purification. But to implement this, I had to consult an HVAC professional. So I busy a apartment service, plus an HVAC serviceman came over, assessed the condition of my air filter, plus advocated what I would have to do to achieve a whole-apartment air purification system since I was constantly with the pet everywhere. It was a relief I did not have to deal with duct cleaning because of the current tech HVAC I had, however if I was going to need air purification help, my HVAC equipment had to be able to handle my needs for disinfect indoor air quality all around the house. It took me about a week to set it all up, plus once everything was in locale, it took about three afternoons for me to notice the difference, plus I stopped taking the dust sensitivity pills quarterly.


As a pet lover, I had to improve my air purification at home

By Steve