We are entering summer in five or six days and it is going to particularly get packed here in the neighborhood soon.

July and August are just swamped with people here in the neighborhood and it gets a bit hectic, but the winters are so dark and empty that you welcome this chaos.

When September comes all of the tourists jet out of here in a blink and it abruptly becomes particularly quiet again, which is a bit eerie because it can happen overnight. I like the winters because I get to relax and enjoy some downtime with my lady. My gas furnace is getting a break now that it is heating up so much and we won’t be running the cooling systems’ heating for another six months. I am still just using my fan to keep me cool when I work in my office however I feel in another two weeks I will need more help from the cooling system. I’m trying to keep my cooling bills down but there is going to come a point where we need some a/c as well as I will get that smart thermostat going and doing its job. I have my little fan on me right now as I work as well as I also have another one for my family room to keep me cool at night while I sleep. I have a mini split A/C system in my family room too but the fan gives the cooling device a little bit of a boost. I feel the power bills will be manageable though with the two of us residing here.


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By Steve