Time just keeps on passing by doesn’t it? I need some time to go by to get my life back into place after falling out of place financially and physically. I lost a ton of money and then lost my motivation to workout and eat healthy, replacing that with mostly heineken drinking and partying. So now I am going to honor my lost father, who was into healthy living and taught me so, and get back on track with my diet as well as exercise program. I was starting to cave into old age, but like my cooling tech dad was, I still have some life in me and I want to live long and get my life heating up again. I feel it started when my dad died two years ago and then my girlfriend left me a month later. I remember sitting in her bed after she moved out, listening to her whole-home air purifier hum, and wondering if there was anything or anyone else that was going to leave me. My air con system broke down a few months later, telling me that yeah there is still more to lose as far as weather conditions control goes. Well, now it has been two years since losing all of that stuff in my life and I feel I’m starting to salvage it all. At least I still have my cooling tech job where I work, and the local supplier I work for has been so kind and patient with me over the past couple of years. Thank you cooling rep boss!
heating repair

By Steve