The days are tough but nothing compared to the afternoons.

But just residing in a region that requires a gas furnace is tough enough.

That was sort of my first heads up that I was in for some real variations when it came to heating and cooling. Prior to moving up here for my spouse’s new task, my superb friend and I made the choice to go together to look at houses. That’s the first time in my life I’d seen a gas furnace. Where I spent my entire existence came with a heat pump. And even then, there wasn’t much need for heating. The times that my superb friend and I even moved the temperature control over to heating weren’t many. Winters, where I came from, were super pleasant with all sorts of sun and yellow skies. While this section come with some yellow sky days while in the winter, it’s the afternoons that genuinely get to me. Dealing with afternoontime highs that don’t make it past chilly is one thing. But when the sun goes down, it doesn’t feel like I can possibly get enough HVAC heating. Single digit rapidly changing temperatures at night are not something that I thought I would ever have to endure. When I go to bed, I try to keep the temperature control at a acceptable setting in order to save on HVAC heating costs. Still, I go to bed as though I was camping. There are layers of shirts and then fleece pajama bottoms at night. That’s not ideal sleeping for me. But with my seventh winter season coming up, I’ve already called for the HVAC heating repair. If I’m going to have to keep dealing with these winters, then I at least want to be sure that the gas furnace is at the top of its game.


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By Steve