I have lived up north my entire life.

I never really knew anything different.

It is cold almost all year, and I have never really liked it being so cold, but I was just so used to it. When it was time for me to pick a college to go to I almost picked a college down south just so that I could experience the climate there. I decided that that was probably not the best way to decide on which college to go to, so I ended up going to a college up north close to home. I met my wonderful husband there, and we lived near my family for the past seven years. My husband was recently offered a really good job, and he decided to accept it. I am really excited for him, and it comes with a bonus for me. We have to move down south for the job. I am so excited to finally experience the warm climate and air conditioning. People laugh at me all of the time when I tell them that I have never had air conditioning in my house or vehicle. It is true though. Growing up, we never had air conditioning in the house, and our cars never had working air conditioning. It is not really necessary to have air conditioning where we live, so I think it will be fun to experience needing air conditioning for the first time in my life. The people that we are buying our new house from said that they have only ever turned on their furnace one time. I could not believe it when they told us that because we are used to using our furnace almost year round. I just cannot wait to move and get settled into our new home.

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By Steve