My leg is finally on the mend however I won’t be running any races this Summer.

  • In fact, I’m not even in the zone controlled Heating as well as Air Conditioning of the offices quite yet as well as I may not be for a while to come.

I was involved in a pretty nasty traffic accident this past Fall. My usual routine has always been to wake up before dawn for a bike ride prior to going to work. This was just like any other bike ride as I rode out of the garage into the pre dawn glow. But this time, a drunken driver who had been celebrating all night crossed my path as well as nearly killed me. Thankfully, some skilled surgeons have stitched me back together however it’s come with so much to reclaim. I spent all winter season pretty much on my back inside the central a/c of my home. And the Springtime weather has added the physical therapy component to the mix. This has been so tough because my muscles as well as joints have been dormant as well as traumatized for months. But thanks to the smart temperature controls, I’m at least able to control the heating as well as cooling in my dwelling on my own. Thankfully, I have a truly awesome support crew led by my wife. For a while there, I couldn’t do much of anything at all on my own. That was beyond aggravating for someone as fiercely independent as I am. However, that was the case as well as bit by bit, I’m getting my life back together. I’m even now laboring half mornings remotely from the a/c of my bedroom. So even being able to pull up my smart temperature control app as well as change the temperature control settings is a triumph these mornings.

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By Steve