You don’t realize how much you use water and power until they are gone, so I’m glad they are back on now.

Now my grilled cheese is warming up, and life is making sense once more.

However, what doesn’t make sense is this married lady asking me for my phone number yesterday and then texting me a lot last night. She is married to an HVACR representative who works with me, so I don’t understand it. It also seems strange that they would do that. I don’t want to be a home wrecker, so I’m trying to maintain my distance from them despite the fact that she disappears for months at a time and perhaps their marriage is in trouble. I haven’t dated anyone in 16 months after splitting with my cooling tech lady more than a year ago, but I still won’t compromise my morals and become that other woman. Instead, I’ve been living somewhat like a buddhist monk, with the exception of the occasional Corona that I may be drinking more of now than I did then. I’ll stick with my solo lifestyle and appreciate how basic everything is until this lady separates and leaves her air-conditioned luxury home with the heating representative. It is only on a platonic level, but my female roommate and I are close and keep each other’s affairs. It’s important to prioritize moral values and maintain a respectful distance, even in situations where external factors might suggest otherwise, and for now, I’ll continue enjoying the simplicity of my solo lifestyle.


By Steve