It’s not easy to find a job. Well, at least you used to be. I have been jumping from job to job over the last few years still trying to figure out what I want to do. You’d think that a 36 year old would have something put together by now nope, I’m failing at that. So the last few jobs I have been applying for wanted me to do a drug test. It’s no big deal. I’ve done 5 in the last 10 months and I have passed each of them with flying colors. I don’t care who smokes weed or anything but that was never my thing. Today, I woke up like every other day and had an appointment at 11 am. I’m blissful I scheduled an appointment because I know some people wait long stretches of time to get in by just kneeling in the waiting room. I have a scheduled appointment but usually have to wait about 20 minutes when I get there regardless. I also know when I am waiting the a/c is amazing. Where I live it’s always hot and I do not have a/c in my home so in a way, I look forward to waiting for my drug test. As I parked my automobile I saw an HVAC van and I can only hope they had to bring in an HVAC worker to look at their cooling system. I kind of felt aggravated for a moment there but as I got to the door I saw the cooling worker smiling with the director and shaking her hand. Nervous still, I walked in and felt that comfort of the a/c as well as all nervousness vanished. Hopefully, this is the last time I do a drug test.
heat pump service

By Steve