My partner, Todd, as well as I have made a family tradition to go camping at least once a year.

We started this tradition the year that my pal and I were married.

Back then, my pal and I went camping in a tent. I do not know why on earth my pal and I put ourselves through that much misery. We would take half a afternoon just to get everything set up for camp. My friends say that setting up camp is a unbelievable bonding time for the family. I know it is a unbelievable bonding time for their family, but it is more like a separating time for ours. We used to get so sad with one another while trying to set up camp. The hardest part was staying in the tent separate from air conditioning. It would be almost ninety degrees in the tent sometimes. After my pal and I had our first son, I told my partner that I could not do tent camping separate from air conditioning anymore, so she looked into renting a chalet for a couple of weeks in the summer. Long story short, my pal and I ended up buying a chalet at a really unbelievable price, as well as my pal and I camp a lot more now that my pal and I have our own chalet. The best part about camping in our chalet is that my pal and I have air conditioning. I no longer have to sweat through each as well as every evening. It is charming to say the least. After a tepid afternoon of kayaking, it is so nice to come back to an air conditioned chalet as well as spend the evening in luxury. I would not go back to tent camping if someone paid me to go back. Air conditioning is too charming to go back to tent camping.


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By Steve