That’s it, I’m so over the heat this summer.

I’ve been living in this cabin for the last 50 years and I always believed unless the sun was going to directly light the earth on fire I’d be comfortable.

There was always a particular warmth that I had no concerns with and to be tolerable. never thought I would hit my breaking point. It doesn’t matter where I am these days, the weather is unbearable. So this month I broke down and got a window air conditioner. I have a friend who is an HVAC worker who told me I should just get a central a/c but I do not think I need that right now. He keeps saying it’s only going to get hotter and one day you are going to wish you had a central a/c. I don’t think so. When I get older I plan to leave the cabin to my child and I want to live with old people and drink tea with some friends without thinking about cabin repairs. These are the days I dream about. I know when growing up it’s about getting your license, then getting to the age limit of buying your first budweiser and there are other things. But for me, those are the largest things. Right now I am just thinking about retiring and living the rest of my life carefree. But until then I think I need to go to the store and buy a window air conditioner. I hope it’s simple to install because that might be a deal breaker but who am I kidding. This heat is driving me crazy.


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By Steve