I live in a duplex building with my dogs.

They are amazing dogs who do everything with me. I trained them well over the years and I never had any concerns. They’d go for hikes with me, long road trips, and afternoons at the beach. My friends let me bring them with me because they are so well mannered. I could not ask for better dogs. They would be a great fit for any family and I’m just fortunate enough to have them. They are my family and there is no one else. I found them lost and hungry 3 years back with no family. I remember taking them to an animal shelter but after a few afternoons, the shelter called me and said no one claimed them. I remember having the feeling that we were meant to be together. I didn’t hesitate and said I will take them home. I never had concerns until recently. The weather was getting colder than usual and I can say the frost doesn’t bother me. But this year it did. So I went out and purchased a portable air conditioner. I plugged it in, excited to have warmth I never had before and then my dogs started to whine which led to barking. They were shaking and sat on the other side of the bedroom of the portable space heater. I felt bad and didn’t know what to do. I talked to my friend who is an HVAC tech for our local heating and cooling company and he said you can either see if he warms up to it or get your furnace looked into. He then said he’ll look into it for free. I took him up on his offer because I genuinely didn’t want my dogs to suffer.

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By Steve