I wish I could just open my brain as well as insert the Spanish language in it and be done with this language. I’ve been living overseas for about seven years now and still don’t understand the locals when they speak quickly to me. They don’t enunciate well either and it makes it particularly tough to know what the heck they are saying to me. I will keep listening to podcasts online and trying to talk to the locals each day and maybe in one more year I will master this darn language once as well as for all. I work for this cooling contractor and have a lot of heating and cooling clients come in asking questions and I can’t answer most of them because I am so lost when they speak. I feel if I work at it though for one more year I will finally have a good grasp of Spanish, then the local contractor owners also speak Catalan, which is way different from Spanish, but my cooling tech friend said she would help me learn it once I get a grip on the Spanish language. I feel it just takes patience as well as discipline, two things which are in short supply in my world. The HEPA filter sales lady helps me with Spanish when we are working at the cooling contractor but I need to push myself to learn more of it on my own too. I feel I am on the right path though because five years ago I could barely speak a word of the language as well as now I can speak quite a bit.

Heating and cooling provider

By Steve