When my great aunt passed away I was completely beside myself, but my pal and I always had a fantastic relationship as well as kept in touch even when we lived on opposite sides of the country, however when I was much younger, I spent many Summers with my great-aunt at her Victorian home.

It was such a attractive condo as well as I actually enjoyed spending my youth there.

I was always getting into trouble, exploring the attic as well as crawl space as well as running around the big yard. I would say my best childhood memories were formed in that condo with my great aunt, then she must have realized this, because when she passed away the condo was left in my name. I was so beside myself with gratitude as well as emotion, I swore that I would never change a single thing in the seasoned Victorian home. Well, I have to take that statement back, then last week, I finally had a professional Heating as well as Cooling professional arrived at the apartment to do an inspection on the existing boiler as well as retrofitted cooling system. I knew that the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system wasn’t in tip-top shape, because the indoor air felt harshly uneven, hot as well as cold, as well as drafty. It was hard to keep the indoor air temperature steady throughout the rooms. I was spending a pretty penny on my energy bills each month because of the Heating, Ventilation & A/C as well as efficiencies. When the ventilation specialists took a look around the house, he suddenly found the problem. The existing HVAC ducts were sagging, full of holes, as well as filled with animal debris. I know I said I would not change anything in the house, however I have to fully update as well as reinstall the HVAC ducts right away.

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By Steve