I learned that there are times I need to take matters into my own hands if I want anything to get done, i do not like hanging around people who aren’t getting things accomplished, & I do not like leaving problems unattended for longer than necessary. I like to address things as hastily as possible, and recently, I took the bull by the horns when I instructed my bestie to find us a new home to live in. I told him we both needed to renew our leases, so we would live together as soon as possible; She complied with my demands, & we began looking for a place to live together… These days, we are now sharing a space. I have to say, I’m blissful that I took charge & made this happen. The only thing is that I still need to figure out is how to train him to close the outdoor doors behind him when she leaves… For some reason, we have this problem with letting outdoor air pollute our costly indoor air, however at the same time, we are sending our costly outdoor air outside, wasting energy & money. I keep telling him that she needs to be more conscientious of closing the door behind him, because air conditioner isn’tcheap. There’s no reason to be filling the home with ice cold, clean air conditioned air if she has going to leave the door open & let half of it escape outside. At this point, I’m nearly at my wit’s end width of the Heating and A/C drama. I decided to take matters into my own hands again, & obtained automatic door closers to resolve the indoor temperature control problems.


space heater

By Steve