My cousin, a provider of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, asked me to attend an expo featuring heating, ventilation, and air conditioning brands after I had visited him. In my head, I imagined it to be a dull event where we would wander around checking out strange brands that claimed their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products were the highest quality available on the market and explained how installing HVAC would improve indoor comfort for different types of buyers. My cousin owns a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company, so I initially thought it would be a window-shopping excursion. However, he assured me that I would have fun and perhaps even learn something that would be worthwhile given my environmental activism. I had the impression that any mention of environmentalism would be a greenwashing ploy by businesses attempting to sell me a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit because of my skepticism. Even though I knew I wouldn’t like it, I still followed him because he had promised drinks. The first individuals he encountered were a friendly and non-competitive Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning professional team from a strange local business. Until my friend and I arrived at the exhibition area, I was afraid he would start greeting everyone, so I went off to explore on my own. There were stands with strange air filters where I discovered strange varieties of HEPA filters, as well as a stand with control components. The displays of other brands’ ductless heat pumps, however, were the most fascinating. Although they all concurred that it was a better option for the environment, I was aware of its capabilities at each stand. I was so pleased that I included those details in my Instagram story because some of the feedback I received from those who already use heat pumps confirmed that they do indeed save energy and that HVAC maintenance is not as demanding as everyone claimed. After learning so much, I decided to buy the local HVAC and A/C repairman some drinks to persuade me to join him.


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By Steve