I recently had an electrician come to the house, it was such a smart transfer on my part, and for years I had badgered my husband to do all the work I wanted! He was my plumber, Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier, handyman plus electrician.

He resisted it plus hated doing the work.

Now that my associate and I have kids, he just doesn’t have the time; My friend and I both work, I make plenty of money. It just made sense to start hiring out. The electrician that I work with is amazing. The guy shows up on time, sticks to his quote plus does a nice job. I have used him for a variety of projects. I converted a room of the condo into a laundry room. The electrician got me set up in there plus the plumber boiling water moving. I just had to buy a washer plus dryer. That was it. I called the electrician back when I wanted recessed lightning in the study room plus for him to mount a substantial fan in there. I then later had him put in modern plugs in my closet plus change a switch from a two switch to a one, then recently I called him to change all my outlets to fresh plugs plus switches. I wanted everything to be pale white plus clean, however yeah, I know I didn’t need to call an electrician for it, but any idiot can do it. I do not like messing with power though. I also again don’t have the time! While he did that work I did have him unfasten an ancient cable line plus cap it for me. The guy has proven to be an amazing man to hire out.
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By Steve