Regardless, now I’m dealing with an HVAC system that stopped working

Why do I do this to myself? From an early age my parents always taught me to keep up with all maintenance needs but time and time again I fail to follow through with that lesson. This past week has been no different. I should have had an HVAC professional come out and do their routine heating and cooling maintenance but I got busy. That’s slightly a lie, I could’ve made time to have an HVAC professional come out and look at my HVAC system but I never liked to be stuck to a scheduled appointment. It’s sad, I know. That’s easily why I have not seen a doctor or nurse in like 4 or so years. I cannot do it. Sometimes I want to see a film. When I show up at the theater there is a difference between watching a film in 20 minutes for the one film I want to see or one that I’m not quite interested in but I will watch it because I do not want to wait. Yeah, that sounds sad, but my anxiety tells me to just get in and try to appreciate the film that is on screen. When I finish that film, if the one I wanted to see is about to start then I will watch it. Regardless, now I’m dealing with an HVAC system that stopped working. I do not genuinely want to spend the money on someone to service whatever is going on but now I have no choice, especially because winter is coming. I’m just going to have to suck it up as well as schedule an appointment.

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By Steve