I have never gone more than 1 year without dining in an eating establishment, since perhaps when I was an infant.

  • Some of my earliest memories are with my parents enjoying some extravagant dinner someplace.

I don’t know that I saw either of them prepare a meal inside the central a/c of the family mansion. That sort of stuff was left to the domestic staff. Yea, I grew up in some pretty extreme luxury, however, I sort of turned my back on that when I left for school. I wanted to follow a passion & see where it led as far as a job. And my parents weren’t glad about that. I ended up paying for school myself… Part of that meant that I lived inside the dorm with such intense radiant heating all the way through school. But that was okay with me because I was being my own person for the 1st time in my life. And that sort of stuck. However, one of the things that I do find an affinity for from that life is fantastic fine dining. When the pandemic hit, Ed & I were stuck inside the quality heating & AC of our dwelling like so several other people. And that meant that my good friend Ed and I were going out to dinner at all. This was somewhat of a strenuous thing to do without for me. The first date night that my good friend and I had once Ed and I were vaccinated & felt comfortable to dine out was a disaster. And it was all due to the fact that this awesome little dining establishment didn’t have regular commercial Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. It was such a bummer & Ed and I haven’t been back. In fact, I’m not sure their doors are even open any longer. Hardly surprising.


Electric heating system

By Steve