Wow my contractor looks like it is particularly starting to take off after its stock hit an all time low about a month and a half ago, and I almost sold all of my shares when it looked like it was a sinking ship, but now all signs are pointing towards a bull run for the next year and I am going to keep holding from now on.

I have most of my money sitting in that contractor and I am hoping that the CEO can steer the ship in the right direction and get me back to even again.

Cooling down from the alltime high to a low of just under 15 cents, it looked like the local contractor was going to go under, but just like that the price started to climb again and the contractor looks poised to be making money soon, but my local business friend and I are both in this thing 100% as well as we will either be set for life or will be doing HVAC duct cleaning the rest of our lives for the cooling business. I feel if we just have patience and can weather the storm for two years we both will have it particularly good. I can buy a geothermal heat pump then as well as have a nice efficient furnace in my flat again, something which my cooling expert friend wants to do also. I just need to rest on my shares like a hen on an egg and let it do its thing, and anyway, today is going to be a day of weather conditions control as well as writing for me.

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By Steve