In a few months, I feel like my life will drastically improve.

  • It appears that we will begin playing gigs in clubs on a regular basis and begin to finally make some good money.

We intend to perform three nights per week in the neighborhood bars and clubs, earning each of us about $600 per month in the process. I know it’s not a lot of money, but living in this town is incredibly affordable, and that sum of money covers all of my food costs and monthly living expenses. I just need to pay my rent, my utilities, and my heating and cooling bills after that, and we’ll be good to go and can put the rest aside. Over the next six months, I want to build up a healthy buffer in the bank so I can stop worrying about money and start to unwind. I can simply take some from my buffer and replenish it when I have more money if my cooling system needs to be fixed or if I need to buy a new washable filter for my heating system. The money I make from playing in the local businesses will all go into the bank buffer; no more cryptocurrencies, please, as my job at the Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation pays all my bills on its own. I think it’s a good plan, and if I follow it, I should be good to go in about another six months. Let’s wait and see what happens. With a solid plan in place and a steady income from my job at the Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation, I am optimistic that in about another six months, I will have built up a healthy financial buffer and finally be able to relax and enjoy life.


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By Steve