Whew, I am starting to particularly get hungry and will need to feed myself before I pass out. I haven’t eaten a meal in over 12 hours and my stomach is starting to get exasperated. I like to eat healthy for the most part and I start my day with an apple and a bottle of kefir from the store. Kefir has a lot of probiotics in it however the store kefir has been pasteurized as well as loses most of those probiotics. But it does have protein and other nutrients that are good for the body so I drink it daily, and hydronic heating is on the agenda today as I get ready to buy a little heating device for the winter. It is summer now as well as you can get some particularly good deals on products for the winter, so I am going to buy something to keep us warm for the coming freezing season. Winter time will be here in a blink and my central furnace needs a little help keeping my family room warm because we don’t have zone control as well as it is a waste to heat the whole flat when I am sleeping. My lady has her own family room as well as enjoys it at a different temp than I like mine, which is why we chose to sleep in separate rooms each night. My heating tech friend thinks it is different that me as well as my cooling rep lady sleep in different rooms but we are both good with it. I also have a different sleep routine and I wake up a lot in the middle of the night to eat or read.
gas heater

By Steve