Thanksgiving is coming soon, and my wife and I decided to celebrate at home.

We had already invited our relatives and friends to come and celebrate with us at our home.

My wife Marissa was excited to cook for the guests. My wife owns a restaurant, and she is a good chef. With the help of her staff, she was going to prepare the dishes for the Thanksgiving celebration. During the last week, my wife was busy baking a cake in the kitchen, and the temperatures were getting high as she was baking. The HVAC wasn’t making a difference, so I went and checked it. I realized it wasn’t cooling anymore. I decided to call the local service provider to send a cooling technician to check on it. After checking on it, he informed me that it had broken down and could no longer function. He further advised me to buy a new one to help with indoor comfort coz the damage was beyond repair. I had to purchase a new one before Thanksgiving to ensure our guests were comfortable. My wife was already panicking because she likes it when things are perfect and dislike disappointment. I managed to convince her I would solve the problem to calm her down. The following day I went to the nearby HVAC business. I found a cooling specialist who is also a member of a cooling corporation. He explained the new cooling technology and showed me some of the equipment they have. I decided to buy a new HVAC with an electric heat pump. They also assigned me an HVAC contractor to help with the HVAC installation. The cooling equipment was finally installed, and the climate control was perfect. They also offer good quality AC service.


Heating maintenance

By Steve