Well, if the winter time is any sort of example, my good friend Sam and I are in for a windfall of saving on a/c this Summer. Sam and I live down south, however not far enough south that my good friend and I don’t need some help from the heating pump during the Winter. I always start the winter time out with heating services from the Heating & Air Conditioning team at the Heating & Air Conditioning business. But this year, I didn’t have to do that. Sam and I entirely updated the residential Heating & Air Conditioning in our dwelling earlier in the fall. The current Heating & Air Conditioning component is really something. Sam and I opted to go with some of the best heating & cooling components available. And I’m blissful Sam and I opted for the higher SEER rating. A SEER rating is entirely the measure of efficiency on the heating pump. The old heat pump had a SEER rating of 10. The current heating pump has a SEER rating that is 22. So I figured we’d be saving a good bit on utility bills when it came to the heating & cooling of our home. But I was stunned by the heating costs this Winter. Again, Sam and I don’t have near the heating demand of those folks further north who use gas heaters & boilers to keep warm. No, Sam and I need some heating here for sure. And I just paid more than 30 percent less for heating this winter time over the previous one with the old heating pump. But really, the largest Heating & Air Conditioning cost, by far, is the a/c that Sam and I need during the Summer months. The hot & humid climate can be truly overwhelming without a/c. And it looks like I’m in for some massive savings all thanks to upgrading the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment.

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By Steve