This was certainly the easiest Spring that I’ve had since I can remember.

That’s just how long I’ve had to suffer with seasonal dust sensitivities and allergies.

Even with the central a/c of my house, I still couldn’t get away from the pollen. It was always a bizarre set of feelings for me as the winter weather ended & the Spring got close. On the one hand, I was so blissful to be free from having to stay indoors with the old gas furnace running so much. But our winter time can be fierce & being outside can be tough. I savor staying outside & doing stuff in the fresh air so winter time makes it strenuous to be stuck in the dwelling so much. The Spring temperatures were always so elegant however going outside was always fraught with consequences due to my dust sensitivities. I get smacked throughout the Spring & in early Autumn from pollen dust sensitivities. I’m allergic to both the lawn clippings & the tree pollen. Now that I have a whole dwelling air purification system in my condo, I’m no longer at the mercy of the outdoor pollen count. At least I’m not when I’m inside my condo. The whole dwelling air purification system entirely strips my indoor air of pollen & any other allergens for that matter. By using high intensity ultraviolet light, this air purification system fries the RNA of any airborne contaminant that makes it through the air filter. That means when I’m inside the powerful central a/c of my home, I’m free of the effects of pollen. And man, has this been the nicest thing to happen to Spring in my entire life.

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By Steve