I hate when I make assumptions and they come back to bite me in the butt.

Every so often, I just jump to the wrong conclusion and have to suffer the consequences later.

Recently, this is exactly what happened when it came to moderating the indoor air temperature in my little sunroom. Ever since I bought this house, the sunroom has been at the mercy of outdoor air temperature and direct sunlight. If it’s extremely hot and humid outside, there’s no way for me to protect to the sunroom from also becoming extremely stagnant and sticky. I had no way to alter the indoor air temperature, and it was affecting my ability to utilize the space. Eventually, I got tired of this obstacle and hired a central heating and cooling ventilation specialists to come out and examine the HVAC set up and possibility of installing air temperature control in the sunroom. I actually felt too impatient to wait for the HVAC technician to arrive, and in the meantime I found a small AC window unit for sale on Craigslist. I immediately purchased the small cooling system, and placed it in the sunroom. I figured, it couldn’t hurt to have some extra cooling power in there before the HVAC technician arrived. When the ventilation specialist arrived a few weeks later, he told me he had some really great news. It turns out, the sunroom was attached to my central heating and cooling system all along! The air duct had been blocked with insulation, but it could be easily removed. Now, I was stuck with this extra AC window unit for absolutely no reason. I should have just waited for the HVAC professional’s opinion
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By Steve