This first HVAC contractor I called about an estimate for a new furnace gave me a price for a model of the exact same specs.

  • This didn’t seem right to me.

Over the years since the original furnace was installed, we’ve made a lot of changes. We’ve replaced the roof, added attic installation and had brand new, ENERGY STAR rated windows installed. We’ve caulked, weather sealed and added ceiling fans. We’ve torn down walls and installed sliding glass doors to a back patio. A screened porch was converted into an extra bedroom. Our kids have gone off to college and taken us from a family of five to two. All of these changes definitely made a difference in the heat load of the home. I did some research and learned that HVAC contractors should complete a Manual J calculation. They should take into consideration more than the size of the old furnace and square footage of the house. Everything from climate and windows to insulation and shade trees make a difference. If a furnace is too small for the demand, it won’t be able to keep up. The heating system will run constantly but fail to provide a comfortable home. The longer run times can result in a shorter lifespan. A furnace that’s oversized is almost as bad. The system will achieve temperature setting too quickly and never achieve peak efficiency levels. Short-cycling can be tough on components and increase the risk of repairs. I called around and spoke with five different HVAC companies before I found one that provides proper calculations for sizing. They offered a free estimate and back every job with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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By Steve