I used to always have a man living with me. I went from my parents house to sharing an apartment with a guy friend. Then I moved in with a boyfriend. Now I am single and in my own household. I really like being alone, I have found. I get to make whatever I want to eat, clean as late at night as I want, and watch whatever on the tv. It is a much better life. There are certain things that I miss having a man around. There is nobody that I can go to when I don’t feel safe. I liked having my boyfriend greet a scary looking person at the door. Car trouble, HVAC repairs, moving the garbage, and lifting heavy things. That is why we keep men around. Well I started having some plumbing issues. The drainage in my sink and shower just weren’t good. I looked online and I found I could do liquid drain cleaner. The results from that we’re back and forth. Some people swear by it and others say it wrecks your pipes. So I bought a plumber’s snake and attempted to remove the blockage. I got hair, dirt, grime, and all sorts of icky things. But the drainage wasn’t much better. I then called a local plumber to actually free up the blockage. Drain cleaning was money well spent. The shower and sink drain like a dream now. It was inexpensive and took the guy 30 minutes. I realized I didn’t need a man when I could hire one out.


gas line installation

By Steve