Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be surrounded by animals all the time.

I spent most of my youth around our pets, instead of neighborhood kids.

I really didn’t have many friends and my siblings didn’t want to interact with me. Instead, I hung out with the dogs, cats, and rodents that we kept in the house. Since then, I’ve dreamt of being a veterinarian or animal rehabber of some sort. I’ve always wanted to have my own miniature zoo where I cared for all of the abandoned animals in town. Luckily, there are plenty of animals that need a home. I currently have my own set of needy, rehab the animals that I care for each day. I absolutely love this kind of work, and I feel great about giving these animals a place to stay. The only thing that I don’t particularly love, is the indoor air temperature control installation that I just had to pay for. It turns out, when you have a zoo full of animals, you also have a home full of low-quality indoor air. Putting that many Harry, stinky beasts together in one space necessarily impacts your indoor air quality by filling it with dander, hair, and unfortunate odors. No matter how many candles I light or how often I change the indoor air filter, my indoor air quality has been suffering for quite a while. Finally, I called out a high-tech heating, cooling, and ventilation specialist to ask for help with my indoor air problems. He helped me to select and install a brand-new air media purifier which has massively improved the quality of my indoor air. Thank God, I can keep my Zoo full of animals and my indoor air quality.


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By Steve