I may have lost my internet privileges for a while. And really, this Heating & A/C fiasco is a great example for me when it comes to the internet. Whenever I have any questions, I always ask the internet. I can sit for hours inside the a/c just enjoying instructional videos. These helpful videos have saved me lots of currency when it comes to doing project around the household that I would otherwise pay a repair for. Yet, just like everything else in life, there are limits. And I found my limit when it comes the Heating & A/C equipment. I wonder if I had come household to the heat pump not running at all would have made a difference in my reaction. There is part of me that believes had that been the case, I would’ve picked up the iPhone to call the Heating & A/C company immediately. But that wasn’t the case as the heat pump was running however there was zero cooling coming from the air duct. I was puzzled as well as exasperated by this turn of events. So of course, I went right to the laptop & asked the internet. And like always, there was a trove of answers & videos that I could choose from. After spending about an hour looking at these videos of DIY Heating & A/C repair, I decided to have a go at it. That was just so dumb that I’m still plenty embarrassed that I not only screwed up the heat pump more even though I also cost us the remainder of the Heating & A/C warranty. Yea, anyone however a certified, licensed Heating & A/C professional working on Heating & A/C machine results in a voided Heating & A/C warranty.


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By Steve