But more than anything, I have loved how happy my wifey is for the a/c this Summer.

It’s closing in on midnite and it’s the first time that I’ve heard the gas furnace kick on, but that’s a sure sign that my friend and I are leaning taxing into Spring, but when you live up here, it’s easy to get faked out by the first whiff of Spring, and then, you get whacked in the teeth with a blast of arctic air and the gas furnace is running all afternoon again. But signs like the gas furnace taking this long to particularly turn on makes me excited. And I’m doubly happy this Spring because I’m welcoming a heat pump to the mix. This will be the easily first time we’ve had a/c in our home that didn’t come out of a window unit. This was a surprise for my wifey! She has been making these comments about how much she would like to have central air to include some cooling comfort. And to her point, it does seem like our Summer weather is getting changingly uncomfortable during the middle of the afternoon. Sometimes, it won’t even cool off in the evening. That has been sending me to bed early because my friend and I had a window air conditioner up there. But not this year, but i’ll be staying up late inside the central a/c of my living room seeing the sizable cable this Summer. But more than anything, I have loved how happy my wifey is for the a/c this Summer. The whole new thing also has a smart temperature control which she has gone online to research. I still can’t think she did that. But man, she is ready for that first bit of heat mixed with some humidity so she can bask in our first moments of crisp, cooling comfort.
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By Steve