A few years ago, I read a blog written by a professional boxer centered around the benefits of jumping rope; This type of exercise provides a full-body workout, burns a tremendous amount of calories plus builds stamina! It requires strength, balance plus coordination.

I hadn’t jumped rope since I was a kid.

I bought a leather rope with weighted handles plus started practicing, but at first, I wasn’t entirely good at it. I’d step on the rope, trip on it plus smack my calves. I lacked the endurance to jump more than a few seconds at a time. I gradually increased my skills plus stamina so that I was able to learn more advanced jumping styles. I wore out two leather jump ropes before I replaced to a system called Cross Rope. I invested into a set of four ropes of odd weights. There is a quarter-pound, half-pound, full-pound plus two-pound weight rope that each fasten to a single set of handles. The various weights of the rope target odd challenges plus benefits. I also workout with a jump rope app on my iphone that provides guided exercise sessions. They range in length anywhere from five minutes to an hour plus are available in novice, intermediate plus advanced difficulty levels. Some of the sessions are strictly jumping plus utilize the odd ropes. Some of them incorporate exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks, crunches plus push-ups. The guided workout is entirely motivational plus pushes me further than my comfort zone, plus, the app keeps track of the number of workouts plus calories burned.


By Steve