As a professional air conditioner and furnace repair man, I get asked many questions concerning HVAC units.

The most common question I get asked is “why is my utility bill so high?” While there are many answers to this question, I have over the years developed a list of things an HVAC owner can do to lower his monthly utility costs.

First, invest in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats help you save money because they can control when your air conditioner or furnace turns on and off when you are away. You can set your smart thermostat to turn on your furnace or air conditioner when you are on your way home form work, and when you leave for vacation and forget to turn of your central air conditioner or boiler, you can use your cell phone to connect to your smart thermostat and turn off your HVAC units. A smart thermostat is a very wise investment for anyone with a central air conditioner or furnace system. The second recommendation I have for your utility cost would be to have a professional HVAC technician come to your home and check your air ducts for leaks on both your air conditioner and furnace systems. Your air ducts can have multiple leaks in them, causing your HVAC units to have to work harder to cool or heat your home. It is also wise to have a bimonthly HVAC inspection for your air ducts and the well being of your central air conditioner and furnace. These are just two practical tips to use on your HVAC units to lower your monthly utility bill.


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By Steve