Do you want to be an HVAc technician? If so, there are a few things to think about before you start that journey.

I have been an HVAC technician for over twentyseven years, and I have seen every type of HVAC technician one can think of.

There is the good HVAC technician, who does his best to make sure he knows all the possible parts about all air conditioners, furnaces, and air purifiers so he will be prepared for anything. There is the lazy HVAC technician who does the job half way, and may leave a person’s air conditioner or furnace unfixed. There are so many different kinds of HVAC technicians, and Many times I have asked myself, “what makes a good HVAC technician?” The first thing is knowledge. If you are not willing to find out about hard things like whole home air purifications systems, or how to install a heated flooring system, or how to stop a hot water boiler from overheating, then you should not try to become an HVAC technician. Next, I suggest you be someone who is good with people if you are going to work in the heating and cooling industry. So many HVAC technicians are good at fixing air conditioners, air purifiers, and furnaces, but they are terrible with communication and sometimes come across as mean or rude. This was hard for me to learn at first. I started out working in a heating and cooling business as an HVAC repairman. Customers would come to me and ask for help with their window air conditioners or portable space heaters. Had I not learned early on in my HVAC career to be polite, I would not still be working on central air conditioners and furnaces today.


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By Steve