I work in a very large skyscraper, the building has over forty-five stories and houses thousands of employees.

I am the manager for the whole building and let me tell you it is extremely exhausting.

I am constantly dealing the repairs, internet and HVAC issues. I am in constant contact with our tenants and to be honest they are very needy on most days. I try my best not to get irritated with them, but sometimes I can’t help but roll my eyes at their requests. Our policy for the building is the during the weekends we don’t have the HVAC system running. Many of our tenants complain about this policy, but it saves us a lot of money not running the HVAC system when we don’t have people working in their offices. We will turn the HVAC system on if a tenant requests it though, we require them to request weekend HVAC twenty-four hours in advance of them needing it turn on. This really helps us save major money, we don’t know how many tenants will be in the building during the weekends so it would be frivolous of us just to turn it on all day every day. However, most of the time the tenants will forget our rule to request weekend HVAC after the twenty-four hour period has closed but in order to keep them happy I will normally grant their request even if it is later than it should be. I really do like my job, but I have to admit that these needy tenants do make it much more difficult that it should be with all the HVAC requests at the last minute.

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By Steve