I was an excellent realtor, plus I had gone to school for house management, however I wasn’t sure I was all that prepared to take over two properties.

Someone thought I was an excellent candidate to take over house management services, plus I got a PC call telling me someone had recommended me for the job.

I could not figure out who would command me for a house management services job unless it was my professor. He was proud of the job I had done when taking the classes. I knew the laws plus everything that was involved in the paperwork. What made me uneasy was that I had no hands-on experience doing the job. I thought I would start out as an assistant before becoming the actual house supervisor, however I was thinking wrong. The landlord needed a house supervisor, plus he wanted someone he could train to do the job the way he wanted. I am uneasy this meant he wanted someone who would not care as much about the laws, however do the job he wanted done, for little pay. I talked to my professor about the house supervisor services job. He said he recommended me for the job, plus he knew the owner. He would not pay as much as he would for an aged house supervisor, however it would supply me with attractive experience and, in a year, I could step into any house management services job that was being advertised. I could not assume how much faith he had in my abilities as a house supervisor, plus I swore I would do an excellent job. He told me he would keep track of me over the next year, plus maybe find me another position when I thought I was ready to transfer forward.

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By Steve