My partner plus I purchased a window A/C machine from the hardware store.

My fantastic friend and I took the machine back to the property for an upgrade plus that’s when my friend and I realized there were a couple of pieces missing out of the box.

My partner plus I returned that air conditioner to the hardware store. They did not have any more machines in stock. My fantastic friend and I had to order the same air conditioner plus have it delivered to our personal home. It took two nights for delivery. I was a little bit upset, because I did not want to wait two more nights for the machineā€¦ Unfortunately, there were no more machines in stock in the hardware store. I gained the A/C machine through the postal service, plus I was surprised that the machine came with an instructional video. There was no instructional video inside of the other box. The instructional video showed us how to install the window air conditioner. The video showed each step plus there was a spot to pause so you could complete the work shown in the previous step. I did not believe it was going to be easily difficult to install the window A/C machine in the first venue, however the videos made it even more simple. It took less than an hour to get everything out of the box plus set up. My partner plus I are easily enjoying the current A/C unit. It works better than the old one plus it is much bigger. When uneven temperatures get hot plus humid later this summer, my friend and I are going to be well prepared.

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By Steve