Two years ago we had a ductless HVAC system installed in our home, and since it was an open floor plan, the HVAC company didn’t think we needed more than two indoor units. One unit for the downstairs, and one component for the upstairs living room. The washroom had its own fan/light kit with a built-in heater, and I was cleaning house last week, and my partner told me to make sure I cleaned our junk drawer, he tried to find some paperwork earlier this week, and there was so much junk in the drawer that he couldn’t get it open. He laughed when he reminded me to clean out the drawer, however I forgot to put it on my cleaning list, while I was cleaning that spot, I also cleaned off the counter that was over the drawer. The remote control for our air conditioning unit is constantly on that counter, and now I couldn’t find it. I wanted to turn on the air conditioning, however without the remote control, it was nearly impossible. I was going to pull a chair over and stand on it so I could reach the control panel, however I couldn’t get up with my cane. I called my partner about the remote control for the HVAC system, and he laughed. He thought I should use the one for the upstairs unit, however I had already tried that and it didn’t work. I called the HVAC company and they told me the remotes should be compatible. He told me to try new batteries. When I got in the drawer for the batteries, I found the remote I had lost, and turned on the air conditioning.


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By Steve