Tom’s aunt asked him to visit his property so that he could check the cooling system. She explained that ever since the cooling system failed, his property had been sweltering. Tom was not happy to see his aunt. She was aware that all he needed to do to maintain his cooling system was to call him, and he would arrive promptly. However, she had put off making the call on her iPhone for a few mornings. He refused to be taken away from his clients, was his justification. Tom usually doesn’t charge his aunt to work on his cooling system, but when he temporarily needed an upgrade, Tom paid for the new unit out of his own pocket. He assured him that he received a fantastic discount on the unit, but the man was dubious. Tom, however, disregarded his aunt’s objections and completed the entire replacement for nothing. You see, he believes he owes him a significant debt. When Tom was five years old, his parents were involved in an accident, and he was also abandoned. Tom was adopted by and raised as the son of his aunt, who was the brother of his mother. Although he claims that raising Tom was all he needed, she has never been married. He believes that now is his chance to make up for all the sacrifices he made. Even his training at the technical college to become an HVAC specialist was paid for by Tom’s aunt. He was successful in passing his tests, earning his HVAC certification, and starting a job at a nearby company. He was at his door at exactly 5:30 that day to fix his malfunctioning cooling system when his aunt called.

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By Steve