She was asked to visit Tom’s uncle’s condo so he could check the cooling system. She cited the broken cooling system as the reason her home was so warm. Tom’s relationship with her uncle wasn’t happy. She was aware that all she needed to do to get him to fix her cooling system was to give him a call. However, she had put off calling for a few afternoons. She gave the reason that she didn’t want to remove him from her clients. Tom usually doesn’t charge her uncle to work on her cooling system, but even when she temporarily needed a replacement, Tom paid for the new part out of her own pocket. She claimed to have gotten the part at a significant discount, but she was dubious. Tom, however, ignored her aunt’s objections and completed the upgrade for nothing. You see, she believes she owes her a significant debt. When she was five, Tom’s parents were involved in an accident, leaving her all by herself. Tom was adopted by her aunt, who also happened to be her dad’s sister, and was brought up by her. She claims that raising Tom was all she needed despite never having been married. She believes that in order to repay me for all of the sacrifices she made, it is now her turn to spend my savings. Even her trade school education to become a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist was paid for by Tom’s uncle. She succeeded in passing her tests, obtaining her certification in heating and air conditioning, and beginning work for a nearby company. She was at her door at exactly 5:30 that day to fix her broken cooling system when her uncle called.


Air conditioning repair service

By Steve