The high beams of Anna’s headlights could barely penetrate the dark, swirling chaos of the winter time blizzard, as well as the windshield wipers on her old Kia were no match for the storm’s wrath that had hit the island.

It’s only a little snow,” she told the oversized red suitcase wedged into the passenger seat.

“Just because it feels like the end of the world does not mean it is.” An icy blast rocked the car, as well as the branches of the aged fir trees hovering over the unpaved road whipped like witches’ hair. Anna decided that anybody who believed in hell as a fiery furnace had it all wrong, but hell was this bleak, hostile winter time island, by the time she got to the property that was once her Nana’s, she had said every prayer she knew. The farmproperty was so hot as well as cozy that Anna nearly cried with a sigh of relief, jerME had even lit the fireplace so that it would be welcoming. Two weeks before, JerME, the house’s part owner, had called Anna to ask which heating unit she preferred. JerME was at the heating corporation to purchase heating unit at the time. The farmproperty was long overdue for a current Heating plus Air Conditioning replacement. Anna said the first thing that came to mind was an electric heater. After consulting with the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional, JerME decided on the same. The heating corporation told him all he needed to know, including when to contact the heating dealership for repair. Anna smiled when she saw the exact control unit she had suggested. She remembered JerME filling her in on the signs to look out to call the heating specialist for heating repair. Anne had no idea why her Grandma left the property to the two of them, but she was grateful so far.

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By Steve