Finally, the birds were alerting us to the approaching end of the chilly weather.

You’d think by now we’d be used to snow and the cold, uneven temperatures, but it was still startling.

My partner and I were raised on an island without snow. We had to deal with monsoons and extreme heat, but not with ice and fluctuating temperatures. So this explains why, even 8 years after my great friend and I moved, it still surprises us how cold it can get. My best friend and I seized the opportunity when she was given the option to lead a new office in the north by her supplier. This would require me to resign from my job, though I also had the opportunity to return to school and complete my degree. Despite this, life has been wonderful for us, and my best friend and I even have a two-year-old daughter. She loves the snow and is constantly the first person outside making snow angels! However, my best friend and I tend to stay in places that make us feel cozy and content. Anyway, my best friend and I are working on adjusting and are hoping that eventually we won’t be concerned about the winter. We’ve discovered that springtime is the ideal time for our home’s A/C service. It has been the best place to live since we purchased the chalet about five years ago. We have a furnace that keeps us warm throughout the winter, and my great friend and I use an air conditioner starting in June. Since it’s not that hot outside, my great friend and I occasionally wait longer to turn on the air conditioning, but having it is also a blessing. Our area has a supplier for heating and air conditioning, and they do an excellent job with springtime service.


By Steve